Have you been looking for Elizabethton Chiropractic the best chiropractic care in the Tri-Cities?  Do you have the same chiropractic experience at each office? Do you experience the same services at each office you visit?  Well then the answer to your problems is at Elizabethton Chiropractic. You can easily schedule an appointment with us and become a new patient by calling us at 423-542-3337.  We here want to make your experience on the path back to wellness as pleasant as possible.  Allow us to be your guides as we go through this journey together.


Our office is dedicated to creating delightful relationships through dedicated service to our patient members. When you come through our doors, you will automatically realize the difference in the customer service you receive as opposed to other doctors’ offices.  We at Elizabethton Chiropractic make sure we’re there with you through this new experience and help to guide you along your journey. You can come to our front desk at any time during your visit if you have questions, comments, or anything else, we would be more than happy to assist you. The staff of our office is always eager to assist you and will always show they care regardless of what the call is about.


Our office offers a wide array of pain relieving techniques for the pain you are experiencing.   Our office offers chiropractic adjustments, which help to correct subluxation of the spine.  We offer spinal decompression services, which help to regenerate degenerated disks in the spine and can help relieve sciatic issues.   We also offer rehab therapy to patients who are experiencing pain. This therapy is centered on the nervous system and helps reconnect the brain with the body through simple movements and techniques. We also offer Electric stimulation, ultrasound, and cold laser therapy which help to stimulate healing in the problem areas.


Elizabethton Chiropractic stands out in the field of chiropractic care, because we are a group of professionals who truly care about the services we provide and the people we provide them to. We try our best to put ourselves in the patients’ shoes and understand the feeling that the patient has. We try to make our office as friendly of an environment as possible, because we know a trip to the doctor’s office is not always as pleasant an experience as you would hope for.  The majority of our current patient members have told us that we have become like a part of their extended family.


We can be the answer to the chiropractic questions you have. We look forward to assisting you as you enter this journey of spinal health, and we’ll do our best to help you in anyway possible. Through the use of chiropractic adjustments, rehab therapy, positive mindsets and us working together, we will work to get you back to the active life you have always enjoyed. So if you’re experiencing pain and would like to go the natural route to relieve it, please call our office at 423-542-3337 and we can get started on bringing you back to a healthy active life.