Are you new to the Elizabethton Chiropractic adjustment treatment? Are your chiropractic adjustment expectations unnerving to you a little bit? If you have ever had an adjustment before, did you feel like the care you received was not thorough? If you want to make sure when you get a chiropractic adjustment that it is done properly and great care is taken to be sure your health is under consideration, you should visit or call our office at 423-542-3337 to schedule your initial appointment. We want to be sure your chiropractic adjustment expectations are fulfilled and even better than you expected.


At Elizabethton Chiropractic, we guide you through your adjustment process to be sure you’re comfortable and not uneasy for your chiropractic adjustment expectations to be the best possible. Dr. Dennis asks questions to get familiar with you and what your personal needs are. This will allow for much better care on your part and for the doctor. Doctor Dennis and the chiropractic therapy assistants will run tests to make sure we understand what is going on in causing your pain. You will also fill out our entrance exam papers, which will help guide us to finding your main problem and help us find the proper way to relieve it.


Your chiropractic adjustment expectations can include an initial exam, which will be performed when you visit our office, to find the problem area and understand its causes.  Dr. Dennis will study your x-rays and exam sheet, and then he will be able to determine what is the best area to be adjusted. When you go in for your adjustment, Dr. Dennis will run a heat sensing scope down your spine. From this scope, it will show any areas where inflammation resides and subluxation of the vertebrae may be. He will then test the vertebras in the area and ask you which one feels more intense. When the correct spot is found, the adjustment will be performed. The key to a good adjustment is to let your body remain calm and relaxed. The adjustment will give much better when the muscles are relaxed.


One of the main reasons we stand out at Elizabethton chiropractic is that Dr. Dennis will review your x-rays thoroughly before giving an adjustment. This will ensure that the correct area has been found and the adjustment will go as smoothly as possible. Dr. Dennis will position himself in your place to understand what is going on and what needs to be done. Whatever position you feel most comfortable in, is where Dr. Dennis can perform the adjustment. Whether this is sitting in the adjustment chair, lying on your side, or laying flat on the adjustment bed, each method can ensure an adjustment well done. It all depends on the comfort of the patient.


The good news is that with chiropractic adjustments there is nothing to be afraid of. It is a completely safe form of pain relief and is performed in such a way that is centered on the patients needs. Dr. Dennis examines each patient thoroughly for an adjustment, which helps us determine the best way to help you. If chiropractic adjustments sound right for you after reading this, call our office to set up your appointment at 423-542-3337. We look forward to helping you!