Have you wondered what chiropractic therapy assistant qualifications are? Do you want to be sure that the care you’re receiving from your CTA is certified? When you receive care from a CTA, do you want to be sure they have top training? You will never have to wonder about this when you visit us at Elizabethton Chiropractic. All of our CTAs have gone through the proper training and are prepared to enter the chiropractic therapy care work field. You can come and get your care started with us by calling the office at 423-542-3337.


At Elizabethton Chiropractic the service you will receive from the chiropractic therapy assistants in our office will be the best possible through our training. Our CTAs have gone through a 50-hour study course to study the body and spine and to understand the conditions that patients will experience. After the study course is complete, we go to take our state exam after which we will be certified by the state to perform therapy for patients. This insures that the care you receive from our therapists is always top-quality and proven to help relieve pain. The training that we receive, help us to be able to answer your questions more thoroughly.


The therapy we therapists provide at Elizabethton chiropractic of therapy moves, high volt, ultrasound, manual therapy, decompression and cold laser therapy are certified by the state exam we take.  After taking the exam, we are certified to perform therapy with patients regardless of insurance carrier. When we’ve taken the exam and have gone through our internship, we are legally able to perform all therapy.  In turn, the CTA performs all office work as well. This includes, but not limited to, answering the phones, performing exams and being the office manager.


We stand out in our office in chiropractic therapy assistant qualifications, by our dedication and thoroughness of training. In our office, we make sure we are kept up on our training all the time. This helps us to perform high quality chiropractic care every time you come through our door. We continually keep up with chiropractic care procedures and techniques. We want to be sure we stay up-to-date and can bring you the best chiropractic care you can find at any office. By staying dedicated to this expectation, we set the bar high for our therapists’ performance.


So, if you’re wondering about your chiropractic therapy assistant and if they stay true to their training, then you need to look at further then Elizabethton chiropractic. We always strive to perform the best chiropractic therapy care possible. We keep ourselves updated all the time on chiropractic care, therapy techniques, and office procedures to be sure we are efficient and showing our dedication to our patients. So if you want your chiropractic therapy to be at its best, all you have to do is give us a call at our office at 423-542-3337 and we can get your chiropractic treatment started today!