Elizabethton Chiropractic | Easy spinal decompression treatment

Do you experience lower lumbar pain and leg pain, but don’t know what is the best way to relieve it? Do you wish that there were an easy spinal decompression treatment to help relieve your low back and leg pain to get you stabilized? Do you want a pain-free and relatively easy method of pain relief for your back and leg pain? When the answers to these questions are yes, you need to talk to us here at Elizabethton Chiropractic. We can get you set up with an appointment to begin treatment and get this pain taken care of. Just give us a call at 423-542-3337. The customer service that you receive in our office will always be devoted to serving you as an individual. We will walk you through your process and make sure that you understand what the treatment is for and what it does for you. We want you to feel free to come to us at anytime during your treatment with any questions that you may have about the therapy. Our primary purpose here at Elizabethton chiropractic is for you to feel really good about the chiropractic care that you receive from us.

The services that we provide here at Elizabethton Chiropractic are great to help you with these pain issues. We provide the state-of-the-art treatment of spinal decompression, which helps to relieve low back, leg and sciatica pain. This treatment allows you to simply lay back and relax while the treatment progresses. The therapy is safe, pain-free and easy to go through. The easy spinal decompression treatment has been tremendously successful for many patients of ours and we believe that it can have the same benefits for you. We also provide the service of the usual chiropractic adjustments to aid in this process. We stand out among the competition for our easy spinal decompression treatment, because we are one of the only offices to offer this state-of-the-art treatment in the area. We also provide great care for you during your time in our office. Nowhere else will experience the kind of quality care that we provide for you. We believe in treating the patient as the individual that they deserve. Every treatment plan that Dr. Howard Dennis and the staff writes up and performs for you, is specifically designed to help with the problems that you’re facing in your life.

So, if an easy spinal decompression treatment sounds like it could be the key to help relieve your pain, let us help you today. We offer the state-of-the-art treatment of spinal decompression, using the DRX 9000 machine for lumbar decompression. We provide great care in our office for you, and are always willing to assist you with anything you need. The treatment is easy, quick, pain-free and extremely effective. The best part about the therapy is that you don’t have to do anything but relax. So if you are interested in beginning treatment today, go ahead and give us a call at 423-542-3337 to get scheduled today.