Are you looking for family chiropractic care for your whole family? Are you looking for a chiropractic care center that will treat the youngest to the oldest regardless? Do you want your family to have a chiropractor that can make you feel comfortable about your family’s care? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need to look no further than Elizabethton Chiropractic. We are more than happy to care for your whole family and it’s very easy to schedule an appointment with us by simply calling 423-542-3337 and we can get your treatment started today.


In the many years our office has been open, we have experience working with all ages from small babies into the elder years. Elizabethton Chiropractic strives to make our office environment and the experience you have here the most pleasant possible for all ages. The staff has experience with children, and will keep them comfortable and informed as say spend time in our office, whether they are with you for your treatment, or are being seen for treatment themselves. We understand that a new experience like this can be unsettling for children, that’s why we will keep them entertained as best as we can.


The treatment that is given to the patients at Elizabethton Chiropractic is determined by their age and ability to be examined.  Dr. Dennis will do a full examination on each patient regardless of age, and will determine the best treatment plan for him or her. For the very young, Dr. Dennis will still do chiropractic adjustments.  It will be determined if therapy is best for your condition and a therapy plan will be written up by Dr. Dennis and the therapists will go over it with you on your next visit.  In each case, Dr. Dennis will do a complete consultation and a thorough examination.


One of the things that help us stand out at Elizabeth Chiropractic is the fact that our office is one of the most family-friendly environments you’ll experience at any other doctors office. We go above and beyond the call of duty to be sure that our patients are comfortable and beyond satisfied with their care. You’re treated like family each time you come through the door. We go by the Golden rule, by doing unto others, as we would have others do unto us. Therefore, you know you will always receive the best treatment.


So, if you and your family are looking for a chiropractic care center that will treat your whole family like you were a part of their own, you have found the place. Since we had years of experience in treating all ages for chiropractic needs, we do our best to provide the best care possible to you. Your comfort and peace of mind are paramount goals of ours. If this all sounds right to you, then please give us a call at our office at 423-542-3337 and let us help you get back to the wellness you deserve!