This content was written for Elizabethton Chiropractic.

Have you been curious about what an initial chiropractic visit entails? Have you been worried you won’t be able to go through it? Do you think an initial visit will be too much for you to handle as well as afford? Well then, you have found the answer to your questions right here. It’s very easy to get started with an initial visit. All you have to do, is simply call our Elizabethton Chiropractic office at 423-542-3337 and we will get you set up with an appointment to get checked and get your treatment started.


From our front desk staff, you can expect guidance and care for your journey through the office on your initial chiropractic visit. We will help explain the new patient paperwork to you, and even help you fill it out if need be. We will help prepare you for your x-ray and perform an examination on you to see what the pain level is, as well as your range of motion. This will help us understand what the problem is, as well as what treatment needs to be performed to relieve your pain. It’s a very simple and minimal pain examination.

On your initial chiropractic visit, you will be given the basic information paperwork to fill out, as well as pain level charts and patient medical and family history forms. We will take you on a tour through the office explaining each room to you. Dr. Dennis or one of the staff will perform the range of motion exam on you to determine your pain level and range of motion decline. Dr. Dennis will perform the x-rays on you to see where the problem areas are and then we can start treatment. Your initial visit is that easy to go through.

Our Elizabethton Chiropractic office stands out among the competition. When you come to our office, you can be assured your initial visit is going to be thorough and complete. We take great care in the office to make sure the patient is comfortable through the visit and that they leave with a sense of completeness. Nowhere else will you find an office that takes as much care as we do to guide, comfort and understand the patient as we do. We believe that the patient’s comfort and care should always be talk priority in the office and in their everyday life.

So if chiropractic care has been of interest to you, but you haven’t been sure what to expect, come to Elizabethton Chiropractic for your best experience. The front desk staff and Dr. Dennis will walk you through the process from start to finish. As mentioned earlier, your comfort as the patient is always top priority to us and we strive to show that at all times. So if you’re experiencing pain, or discomfort and want to get started on the path back to spinal health, look no further than our office. Give us a call at 423-542-3337 and we can get you started!