Elizabethton Chiropractic | Quick chiropractic service clinic

Do you need and been looking for a quick chiropractic service clinic to help with pain you are experiencing? Do you wish that there were a local clinic for the Elizabethton chiropractic needs? Have you been meaning to get to a chiropractic clinic to get checked, but it seems like you never have the time? If any of these questions sounds familiar to you, Elizabethton Chiropractic is the place for you. We provide quick service for you to help you relieve your pain and get back to an active life. Give us a call at 423-542-3337 to get started today. The customer service that we provide in the office here is centered on the individual patient. We know that you have a busy life and need to get done with things quickly, so we are trying to provide a speedy process for you as much as we can. From everything from answering the phone to answer your questions and assist you, to providing you with your chiropractic care. We are also your coach to help you along the way. Dr. Howard Dennis and the staff of therapists are always available and willing to assist you with your needs. Here at Elizabethton Chiropractic, we provide the usual chiropractic care treatments that you would expect, but also a few special treatments. Dr. Howard Dennis performs Gonstead adjustments and provides education regarding chiropractic and weight loss. We also provide therapy in our therapy bay to help the body move properly again and reconnect it with the brain. Spinal decompression is also a service that we provide using the DRX 9000. This is a special treatment for bulging, herniated discs, stenosis, as well as sciatica issues. Each treatment is relatively short and easy to have performed. In our office we stand out among the rest for the quick chiropractic service clinic that we provide. We try to make your wait time has limited as possible, so that you can get back to the busy life that you live. At no other chiropractic care clinic, will you find a team that is as devoted to you and your care as we are. We provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for you, so that you feel comfortable in this new environment. We also walk along with you through your care to make sure that you know and understand what is being done for you. So if you’re looking for a quick chiropractic service clinic in fear that it may not be available for you, look no further. We here at Elizabethton chiropractic provides great quality service for you in a timely manner. You will receive great, quality, individualized care each time you walk through the door. The many services that we provide are centered on you and your health. You have a great team working with you here in our office as you go through this progress to wellness. So if this sounds like the kind of care you want, give us a call today at 423-542-3337.